Navigating FLU SEASON

Navigating Flu Season…

The Cure for ME is all about living a life of healthy diet and exercise in order to prevent future disease, a preventative “cure” if you will. We can translate this lifestyle not only to larger diseases but also to every day cold or flu season. My boyfriend has the stomach flu and through the experience of living in a very tiny apartment with someone who is sick, I figured I would share some tips in how I have tried to avoid getting the flu…

Ways to not get sick:

  1.  Accept your fate: It is pretty much inevitable you will get sick when you are living with someone who has the flu.
  2. Be kind to your body: I was out on Saturday night and was not feeling 100% so I decided to not push it, I went home and got a good night’s rest
  3. Drink lots of fluids: I literally was late to work this morning because I was trying to finish the 5 different drinks I made. Oh, this isn't a competition?
  4. Exercise: I went to hot yoga yesterday and will go again tonight to sweat out toxins. I also went on a quick jog (this was not purposeful, I just happened to be running late to yoga)
  5. Eat Well: This morning I made myself a big bowl of oats with lots of superfood toppings to get in all the healthy fats, proteins and fiber. Oatmeal is a bland, comforting food perfect for a stomach that is about to get the stomach flu (reference tip #1)
  6. Immunity concoctions: ginger, citrus and spices such as cayenne pepper all boost your immunity and ginger especially is great for nausea. Instead of spending $8.30 at lunch yesterday on an “immunity juice”, I decided to pick up all the ingredients and blend them myself in my vitamix. The fancy $8.30 drink had: orange, grapefruit, squeeze of lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. I’m not sure why the maple syrup is necessary as it already seems like it would be a pretty sugar packed drink, maybe to balance out the cayenne pepper/lemon, who cares, it’s for our health! Fancy juices are great, however hot lemon water is also a great and simple way to flush your system of toxins. Lastly, a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar never hurt no one (except for your tastebuds...)
  7. Sanitize: I have been switching a lot of products over to some non-toxic choices, however, I have always had a special thing in my heart for Lysol wipes. And so, my poor boyfriend has been followed around with a Lysol wipe every time he touches a door knob.
  8. Wash your hands: Please always do this anyways because gross but maybe just extra when you’re around a sick person

What to do when you do get the flu:

  1. Rehydrate: The second you can start to keep things down, drink a ton of fluids. Start with ice cubes if it’s hard to keep water down. Make sure to get a good mix of sugar, salt and electrolytes. Pedialyte is a great example of this. Water is great, however some argue that too much water at once dilute the electrolytes that are still in your body. I'd argue that if you are able to keep water down there 
  2. Probiotics: Replace your good gut bacteria by drinking or eating probiotics such as kombucha or kimchi. I recommend GTS living foods Gingerade kombucha to add in a bit of ginger at the same time to help nausea.
  3. BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, Toast... These simple foods are easy to digest and a great way to start entering solids back into your system.
  4. This is not a bad hangover: Do not treat it like one. A bunch of fried food is not going to get your system back up and running after not eating anything for 2 days straight. It might feel good in the moment, but what is going to feel even better is something like chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup has all the right components: hydrating chicken broth, protein from the chicken, carbs from the noodles. As quoted from my patient, after a craving for and then bad experience with french fries: "Side note, all I ever want to eat is chicken noodle soup". All I can say is I told you so.