Alzheimer's Prevention Tip #1: Sleep

For how little or much you know about Alzheimer’s, you might have heard the term “Beta-Amyloid Protein Plaque. The Amyloid protein’s are essentially the known “cause” of Alzheimer’s, as they build up and form a plaque that destroys the neuron connections in an Alzheimer’s effected person’s brain. We do not know how to prevent or get rid of Amyloid proteins because they are a natural process in your brains function. Amyloid proteins accumulate in your brain during the day: a waste product from the energy used for brain cells to communicate. The Amyloids are ”cleaned” out of your brain during slow wave sleep, which is the deep phase in which your memories are consolidated. Recent studies suggest that when you do not get enough slow wave sleep, the amyloid proteins build up and form a plaque on brain tissue.