Steel Cut Badass Bitch

What are you? 

At the moment, I am not planning on categorizing myself into any specific diet group, ie: Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian etc. For a lot of people, drawing a hard line is the easiest way to work. For me, I am working towards a healthy well-rounded lifestyle and hope to inspire others to do so as well. I want to eat to nourish my body, and although I know that certain fats, sodium and chemicals found in Animal proteins are bad for me, I am a foodie at heart and always want to be able to relate to the general population in terms of mastering a healthy lifestyle. If I myself have such a harsh cut off of never even thinking about putting a drop of milk or honey in my tea, then how am I going to relate to and get into the head of my boyfriend who simply wants bacon because he thinks it tastes good? I need to ground myself and stay in the mindset that every single person has different experiences and lifestyles that attribute to their health in that moment, and any sort of judgement or claims made against others will only backtrack me in my goal to reach a widespread group. I am hoping to use this platform to inspire others, not to degrade others and the way that they choose to feed their body.

Personally, I prefer to eat a lot of vegetables, and lessen my intake of animal products. This way of eating makes me feel more energized and happier in my day to day. I've had issues digesting dairy since High School, and naturally avoid foods that make me feel sick. I eat oatmeal almost every morning and never get tired of it, in fact, I was gifted a commissioned painting with the words "Steel Cut Badass Bitch". I hang this above my desk with pride, and through that, you already learned a lot about me... I love oatmeal, puns, and getting shit done. I'm not a vegetarian, I'm a steel cut badass bitch.