Change Your Eating Habits NOW to Prevent Future Disease

If you get anything out of this post, please remember this: There are no rules when it comes to your food and your body. Do NOT label any food group as “off-limits”.

I have read all the different books & articles, watched all the different movies, and follow all the influencers on Instagram. The constant contradicting messaging that we get of what we should or should not be putting in our bodies is unfair and dangerous. I feel the need to clarify the “why” behind what I post on Instagram. For me, my health and wellness lifestyle is 100% based upon the fact that I do not want to have Alzheimer’s or any alternative type of horrible disease when I get older.


I want to make this as simple as possible:

Foods that prevent future disease: vegetables such as dark leafy greens, fruits such as berries, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, beans, dark chocolate, red wine, avocado, fatty fish (wild caught salmon about once a week)

Foods that cause future disease: gluten, pastries, sugar, red meat, fried foods, fast foods, dairy, deli meat

That said, do I still eat pizza and french fries and ice cream? Of course!!! However I make sure to balance that out with eating foods that fuel and protect my body the majority of the time.

All of the time, I get comments such as: “You eat cheese?!?”, “Oh wow I didn’t realize that you let yourself eat sweets”, “Sorry I’m eating this next to you, I know you must be disgusted!”


I eat whatever I want, whenever my body is craving it. Other peoples perceptions of the way I eat comes from the fact that I fill up on fresh vegetables which naturally lessens my cravings for heavy meat and fake sugars. I love this way of eating and do not feel as though I am restricting myself in any way.

I love fresh vegetables and fruits. I look forward to my warm oatmeal with cinnamon in the morning, as well as the local caught fish special when I go out to eat. I eat and order whatever I want, and satisfy myself with foods that feel good in my body, rather than upset my stomach.

Foods that prevent Alzheimer’s are similar to those that prevent heart issues: Mainly plant based and very little sugar/red meat.

I challenge everyone reading this to eat more veggies, snack on dark chocolate or fruit when craving something sweet, and order fish at restaurants over red meat. Not because you disrespect your body and want it to look a different way, but because you love and honor your body and mind, and want to live a long and prosperous life. As you eat more fresh delicious foods, and do not restrict yourself from anything if you are truly craving it, you will realize that you start to crave less and less heart and brain hurting foods. Try it and let me know!