New Orleans WORKOUTS

Favorite Work Outs in New Orleans


Every Tuesday night at 7pm an insanely fun, kind, inclusive run crew meets up to run at a different spot in the city.


My favorite yoga in New Orleans! The space is small enough that you are bound to bump into someone, and with that bump you will be met with a huge smile and kind greeting. Yoga instructor Maisie teaches a class at 10am every Sunday that is a must!

Romney Studios

Although Romney Studios is known for their Pilates… I have gone to their spin classes for the past 6 years instead as I miss my Soul Cycle from NYC! Spin instructor Maddy also sparks from a Soul Cycle background and teaches a class that reminds me of home!

Higher Power TRX

You will hate me for recommending this! It HURTS SO GOOD. Definitely go check out The Daily Beet right next door post-workout.

Body B Fit Megaformer

Body B Fit is a 25 minute high intensity training workout that has 30 minute sessions of either Megaformer, Boxing, or Versa Climber. If you have the time, take 2 or 3 different classes! If not, I absolutely love the quick 25 minute Megaformer class that strengthens and tones and leaves you sore AF.

Run in Crescent City Park

I live in the French Quarter and one of my absolute favorite activities near my home is to take my dog and head into Crescent City Park. This park is one of the few new, well maintained parks  in New Orleans and has a little dog park in at the end! To run to the dog park and back is about a 3-mile run, which is a great quick cardio for both my Vizsla and I!

Free Classes

One of the main reasons I check Facebook these days is to keep track of posted events... through here I am able to find and take advantage of many of the FREE opportunities around the city!!